Sunday, November 26, 2017

Christmas Stockings

 Draw out a rectangle  stocking to what ever size you would like to make on a grid .....   Mine are 9x24 .    Then glue your pattern to poster board to stabilize.    Cut out the stocking and trace on your fabric.  I marked the cuff, heel and toe first, then quilted.   Used a stencil for the main pattern, quilted, and then the background fill small of different stitches or interest.   Here I traced two on half yard of dupioni silk .    The cut out the stocking making sure you leave 1/4" for seam ....

It will look like this when cut

Here I cut a piece for the back which is just a triangle.    Lay the stocking on top with right side facing in.    Sew all the way around starting at the top but leave the top cuff open to turn right side out. 

Leave top open just sew around the outside....    turn 

                                                                 right side turned out

cut out lining ( I used muslin )

leave a space open in the toe for turning ....    sew toe close after turning.

 I sewed an extra stitch around the top of the cuff.

                                                  The added crystals for a little bling