Monday, July 27, 2015

Master Bedroom Redo

While I was quilting on a red quilt,  I kept thing about this room.   These are the colors I plan on using in the master bedroom.

These are the colors I painted the house and front door.   That is not my front door,  sure wishe it looked like that.   Mine is plain and simple.

Found this quilt on the internet.   Sure looks simple, fast,  and easy.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Kitty Galore

Back at it again.....    Got the Innova up and running with a few adjustment.

Feels great to be quilting again.    Freathering the borders

Stablizing  all the read area first.

That is Jamie Wallen's ruler....   it is the handest ruler and spot on with the markings.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Rock Valley Quilt Guilt Challenge Quilts

           Very interesting to see how the fabric and your inital was used in the quilt challenge

My sister in law went with me,  this is sooooo funny......    I gave her the camera and showed her what button to push to snap pics because I had to go up front with a group to show our quilts.....    will she pused every button she could to take pictures.    When I got back to my seat to see what she had taken ...........    BLANK!!!    she pushed all the WRONG buttons.       
                           SHE HAS RED HAIR...... LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

                                             So I will buy the CD with all the photos

Sunday, July 19, 2015

White N Black Progress

All set up and ready to mark
                                              Using Renae Brown Haddidin amazing rays

Quick and easy to mark....   using fine tip blue wash our pen

Drawing three circles for add quilting design


  Lines are 1/4 inch apart....  marking three lines so the center will be a registration point for a design

                             Straight lines are a breeze also....   so much easier then marking them
                                                                  on the frame

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Cercles De Travail

Going to be judge at the Madison Quilt Expo



Rose d' Automne

                                                              "Rose d' Automne"   
french meaning -  Autumn Rose

Crystal were added to all four blocks and center.  Gives the quilt a little bling.

             Carried the center Crimson Rose out to the outer corners and borders for balance 

                                                        Perfect evening for these photos

3mm green crystals

This was a fun challenge, turned out better then what I imagine.

Love the back with crystals also....   This would make a nice table cover with antique dishes for the holidays.

This would not be a show quilt as I did not bury any of the threads.   This was made just for fun.

                                                                      Autumn Rose

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Canoes on the Chippewa

"Canoes on the Chippewa" was created with EQ6 for a quilt challenge at MQS that never made it to the show.... Had a choice between two blocks and I chose cross canoes because of living in northern Wisconsin. Was in the process of moving back home and I sold my longarm so this got put on the back burner and never entered. Now when I look at it, I think it might have had a chance at a ribbon. This was my first paper piece quilt top where I wanted all my intersections perfect. Took several destroyed blocks but I got the hang of paper piecing. Made up several sketches for the quilting design and it's ready to be quilted.
I love these colours together ..... one of my favorites!
First paper piecing ever

 I think it is time to get this quilted

This is the sketch that I chose to go along with the theme of canoes on the chippewa. The idea was arrow tips and feathers. Once this is on the frame I will change out some the feathers designs, but this sketch keeps my idea fresh in my mine as how I wanted to quilt this out. The top was made 3 years ago.