Thursday, December 29, 2016


Just got my new computer so I can start posting again.

This is what I'm working on this week...  as you remember I pieced this top four years ago when I lived up in northern Wisconsin.   Decided it was time to finish up with all the UFO.   I'll post pictures as I quilt this top.

                                        One layer of wool batting, glide thread which I love.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Play Time

                                        One little drawing can turn into something beautiful

Friday, February 19, 2016

Catch Up

Trying to get caught up with some of the tops that I quilted a few years ago.   Didn't have the heart to cut up the fabric.   Making a couple of pillows to go with it to sell. 

Back of the quilt throught the mirror under the frame

Hearts Galore

 38 x 60 vintage cross stitch tablecloth,  stitch by an 82 young lady who has passed on.   When I saw that they were selling all her thing and spotted this piece  I just  had to have it.    I had the pleasure of quilting one of her other pieces for a granddaughters wedding gift.   She would be happy to see what this table cloth looks like.

 This was a fun piece to quilt.   Used 80/20 batting and a fusible for this wall hanging or tablecloth.

Quilted tiny hearts in the background fill for a little added interest.  That's show I came up with the name.

Of coarse the BACK....    tablecloth to wholecloth!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Up Date Time

It's been awhile since I have posted.    Been off  FB and blog because we have been remodeling the house.    Still have wood floors to install this next month,  can hardly wait to get all this finshed up.   Now I'm trying to play catch up with the quilting...      this is what I have been working on this past month.

IPad pouch make from scraps for my new ipad.     Need to add a black pin or button.

This is a commission quilt that I'm just finishing putting the binding on.    They sent me photos of their home and colors.    I went fabric shopping,   playing with EQ7 to come up with this quilt pattern for them.     I had a couple of drawings with a quilting theme but wasn't happy with then so I just went with it.....    let the quilt talk to me....lolol  once I had half of it quilted I just mirror image it.  

Had to have feathers.....   who doesn't love feathers!

The border is what really set the designs for the cross hatching.    Made a booboo and had to pick out tiny stitches....   18 stitches per inch.   OUCH!

Finished....   will add crystal for a little bling.

Nothing better then a two side quilt....   will add crystal to the back also.